Who should be in the fourth Transfomers movie

With the awesome new Transformers movie Dark of the Moon currently breaking records at the box office I’m already wondering what ‘s next for the robots in disguise. One thing is for sure. There will be more Transformers movies, they make too much money for there not to be. Wherever the franchise goes (and hopefully it isn’t rebooted) there are lots of Autobots and Decepticon characters that could be introduced into the age old Cybertronian war.

On the side of the Autobot there’s lots of favourites that could be introduced. There’s Ultra Magnus, Hot Rod, Kup, The Dinobots, Metroplex, Sunstreaker, Prowl, Hound, Cliffjumper and Wheeljack.

Ultra Magnus is a robot with the same truck cab as Optimus Prime but he transforms with his trailer to become an even bigger robot. Metroplex I would love to see as he is a mammoth Autobot who transforms from a city into a battle station and then into a monster robot.

Autobots aren’t the problem though, most of the Autobots characters were still alive at the end of Dark of the Moon. It’s the Decepticons who have been taking a hammering and need their ranks filled out.

For a new movie they’re going to need a villain. Here’s one. Galvatron. He was introduced in the 1985 aminated movie and is a firm fan favourite. In the movie Galvatron is created by Unicron out of the remains of Megatron. He’s basically a more manical version of Megatron. Team him with Unicron the planet eating transformer and you have a whole lot of trouble for the Autobots. To back up Galvatron there are the swoops who are a group of flying Decepticons led by the evil Scourge. A fair few fan favourite Decepticons were killed in Dark of the Moon but there are plenty of other characters that have not been introduced in the movies yet. A selection of them include Tryptych the massive Decepticon dinosaur who’s a bit like Godzilla. Or there’s Thrust and Thundercracker to name a few.

The movie so far have focused on some pretty large scale stories involving blowing up suns and moving planets. The real problem for the films post Michael Bay is coming up with stories that can top what we’ve seen so far. Unicron is perfect if they want to show something that’s never been seen before. How they could make a villain the size of a planet work in a story is beyond me so maybe they will scale down instead of up.

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