Great movie bad guys

What’s a great movie without a great bad guy? Well it’s probably not a great movie. Here’s a list of some of the best bad eggs that movie land has to offer.

Doc Ock

Take six of these and don't think about calling me in the morning. That's when I eat my evil cereal and toast.

If there’s one thing we know about super villains it is this. Their idle hands are always causing mischief of epic proportions. What happens when a super villain comes along with 6 arms and two of those are mechanical? Beats me, I suppose you’d have to watch Spiderman 2 to find out but who wants to do that.

Doctor Octopus to use his original title is a mad scientist genious who has become obsessed with killing Spiderman. Bit of a shame that as he could have put that evil genious to far better use. I suppose he must have had one of those lackluster career guidance counsellors at school who told him to just stick with the whole evil thing he does so well.

Emperor Palpatine.

Dark side? Nope, you're thinking about someone else mate.

There are many things that makes old Palpatine super awesome. The first one is how he looks. Like an old wizard gone bad which is pretty much what he is. His messed up face and evil eyes just scream , I am not a nice guy. Then there’s the voice. A crooked horrible noise that reminds you if you haven’t forgotten by looking at the face that you are indeed in the presence of evil.

But he’s not just a looker with a Death Star and a Galactic Empire. He also has mad skills with the force. The maddest in fact. Palpatine can command the force to not tell on him when Jedis are present like he did in the prequels. He can shoot lightning out of his fingers which has to be the ultimate way to de-stress at the end of a hard week running an Empire. There is also the fact that he actually tells Darth Vader what to do although he should have probably rethought that strategy.


Blow up the sun. Tick. What's next?

This guy is one of my favourites whether it be his helmeted cartoon version or the Bayformer movie one. What do I like about Megatron? He’s always thinking big. When he gets up in the morning he doesn’t think. I’m going to spend the morning mowing the lawn in an evil way and then pop out somewhere nice for an evil lunch. Does he hell? He gets to work. A normal day for Megatron will involve things like, trying to blow up the Earths Sun, creating an army of Decepticon soldiers to take over a planet, hunting down his enemies and doing a lot of shouting. Put Megatron in any job and he’d perform well. He might end up killing you and the rest of the work force for it but he’d triple productivity, in an evil way of course.

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