Transformers Generation 1

If you were a kid in the Eighties then you will probably remember the Transformers. They came on to our screens selling toys as they went. Of course now the Transformers are hugely popular and mainstream again with the success of the recent movies. The characters and indeed a lot of the story elements of the recent movies incorporate things from the original cartoon series which is known as Generation 1.

The Transformers G1 series introduced us to the Autobots, a group of peace loving robots who transformed into mainly auto mobiles. Their enemies are the Decepticons ,a group of evil robots who just want to create havoc. The two warring factions crash land on planet Earth in a journey from their home planet of Cybertron thousands of years before the present day. When they awake in our time they are altered to look like Earth vehicles enabling them to disguise themselves.

The G1 series introduced the characters of Optimus Prime and Megatron who were the leaders of the Autobots and Decepticons rescpectively. They became hugely popular and toys of the Transformers flew off the shelves. The toys combined two of young boys favourites toys. Cars or Jets and Robots. Combined with the heroic and dastardly characterisation of the cartoons the Transformers became popular enough to release an animated movie. The movie was a big success. It told the story of the ongoing war between the Autobots and Decepticons and introduced a new villain in the planet sized robot Unicron. Unicron was voiced by Orson Welles in the movie. The movie took some bold steps in wiping out much of the original G1 Transformers even Optimus Prime and Megatron. After the movie the Transformers series continued with the new line up of bots.

Many of the Generation 1 Transformers toys have become collectors items especially if they are in their original box with all of their accessories. There are hundreds of Transformers changing hands on Ebay all over the world today.

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Great movie bad guys

What’s a great movie without a great bad guy? Well it’s probably not a great movie. Here’s a list of some of the best bad eggs that movie land has to offer.

Doc Ock

Take six of these and don't think about calling me in the morning. That's when I eat my evil cereal and toast.

If there’s one thing we know about super villains it is this. Their idle hands are always causing mischief of epic proportions. What happens when a super villain comes along with 6 arms and two of those are mechanical? Beats me, I suppose you’d have to watch Spiderman 2 to find out but who wants to do that.

Doctor Octopus to use his original title is a mad scientist genious who has become obsessed with killing Spiderman. Bit of a shame that as he could have put that evil genious to far better use. I suppose he must have had one of those lackluster career guidance counsellors at school who told him to just stick with the whole evil thing he does so well. Continue reading

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Who should be in the fourth Transfomers movie

With the awesome new Transformers movie Dark of the Moon currently breaking records at the box office I’m already wondering what ‘s next for the robots in disguise. One thing is for sure. There will be more Transformers movies, they make too much money for there not to be. Wherever the franchise goes (and hopefully it isn’t rebooted) there are lots of Autobots and Decepticon characters that could be introduced into the age old Cybertronian war. Continue reading

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Too many characters spoils the movie

The quality of characters in movies can mean the difference between a decent film and a great one that impresses movie fans for decades.

In some movies especially those with ensemble casts there is only so much screen time that can be devoted to each character. Think X-Men, Transformers, Spider-Man and Star Wars. The movie makers make use of character traits that we can easily and quickly identify with. By intimating certain character traits the viewer can infer as much information about the character that is necessary to move the plot along and make the movie effective. Some films do this very well and some don’t. Continue reading

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Awesome Scifi Characters that deserve spin offs

The great thing about Scifi movies is that there are often numerous characters be it Transformers, X-Men, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or Harry Potter. More characters can add depth to a story if used wisely. There are often brilliant characters who play main roles, sidekick roles or are only featured now and then as part of a bigger cast that could hold their own in a movie or TV series. Here are a few of them that I would like to see get their own feature.

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Superhero Alter Egos

The majority of popular super heroes come with alter egos which serve a couple of purposes. The first is to allow them to live a normal life outise of their lycra heroics. The other is to keep super villains out of reach of their loved ones. Here’s a list of some of the most memorable of superhero alter egos.
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Upcoming Summer Comic Book Movies

It’s that time of year where movie trailers are whipping comics fans into a frenzy. 2011 looks to be another year where the comic book movie golden age continues. So which heros are coming to the screen this year and are they going to be much cop or a pile of poo? Continue reading

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