The Next Chapter For The Transformers Movies

The Transformers live action movies have so far been hugely popular and that is probably not going to change with the release of the third film Dark of the Moon in what is now being billed as a trilogy. The Director Michael Bay has said that this is the end of a story for him and that he will not be making any further Transformers movies. He has suggested that someone could reboot the franchise but that he is definitely done. Will this be the end of the Transformers movie franchise. I very much doubt it. With each Transformers movie or cartoon series new waves of transformers toys are rolled out which can make the film seem like one big toy advert. It’s a pretty safe bet to assume that there will be more movies down the line but where should they fit in the story?

Reboot. This is a common word in the film industry. Once a film franchise goes stale or the writers write themselves into a corner film makers now have the option of ignoring previous stories and going back to the start with a fresh slate. I’m not a big fan of reboots. The Batman films were fantastic after the reboot but the Batman franchise was in a sorry state. What is happening now is that reboots are happening only a few years after the original movie came out so the story goes back to zero and we have to go through all of the introductions again.

Why the Transformers movies are now being viewed as a trilogy escapes me. I realise there are three movies, hence trilogy but why shouldn’t there be more? Couldn’t the studio come up with a 7 part movie story and just keep on telling the story. I wouldn’t like to see a reboot of Transformers because the ground work in introducing the characters has already been done.

I would suggest they go for the Superman Returns approach. A few years has passed since the last Transformers film and nobody has seen from any of the Autobots or Decepticons. A Government has one deactivated robot in its vaults and that bot is….. Optimus Prime, Metroplex, Ultra Magnus. There’s lots to choose from. The film could have new human and Autobot and Decepticon characters and therefore a fresh start. After all the carnage in the current films the Transformers could be hunted by the humans and in hiding.

What they will probably do is a prequel. This could actually be fantastic if it was set in a certain decade known as the eighties. The robots and vehicles could look just like the Generation 1 Transformers from the original cartoon.

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One Response to The Next Chapter For The Transformers Movies

  1. I think the new film will have a prequel element to it with the flash backs to the moon landing but will quickly revert to modern day with indistinguishable lumps of metal smacking each other across a cityscape for no real reason. Unless Michael Bay’s writers can mine the mythology of the Transformers and come up with an intelligent script that doesn’t resort to explosions and Megan Fox or her replacement to sell then this franchise will get sillier and stupider as it heads down the same road as the Batman franchise of the 1990s.

    Unfortunately Superman Returns didn’t do very well so I doubt many studios would want to take that approach which is a shame as it’s a great idea and Superman Returns was a great movie imo. Shame that it’s getting the reboot treatment when Richard Donner and Brian Singer had such a good universe set up.

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