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Transformers Generation 1

If you were a kid in the Eighties then you will probably remember the Transformers. They came on to our screens selling toys as they went. Of course now the Transformers are hugely popular and mainstream again with the success … Continue reading

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Great movie bad guys

What’s a great movie without a great bad guy? Well it’s probably not a great movie. Here’s a list of some of the best bad eggs that movie land has to offer. Doc Ock If there’s one thing we know … Continue reading

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Who should be in the fourth Transfomers movie

With the awesome new Transformers movie Dark of the Moon currently breaking records at the box office I’m already wondering what ‘s next for the robots in disguise. One thing is for sure. There will be more Transformers movies, they … Continue reading

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Too many characters spoils the movie

The quality of characters in movies can mean the difference between a decent film and a great one that impresses movie fans for decades. In some movies especially those with ensemble casts there is only so much screen time that … Continue reading

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Awesome Scifi Characters that deserve spin offs

The great thing about Scifi movies is that there are often numerous characters be it Transformers, X-Men, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or Harry Potter. More characters can add depth to a story if used wisely. There are often … Continue reading

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Superhero Alter Egos

The majority of popular super heroes come with alter egos which serve a couple of purposes. The first is to allow them to live a normal life outise of their lycra heroics. The other is to keep super villains out … Continue reading

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Upcoming Summer Comic Book Movies

It’s that time of year where movie trailers are whipping comics fans into a frenzy. 2011 looks to be another year where the comic book movie golden age continues. So which heros are coming to the screen this year and … Continue reading

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