Superhero Alter Egos

The majority of popular super heroes come with alter egos which serve a couple of purposes. The first is to allow them to live a normal life outise of their lycra heroics. The other is to keep super villains out of reach of their loved ones. Here’s a list of some of the most memorable of superhero alter egos.

Clark Kent is an alien who crashed to Earth when he was a child. He was put into a spacecraft by his father to save him from the destruction of his home planet. He was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent who brought him up as if he were human. Once he was grown up Clark decided to become Superman to protect the world and fight injustice. He didn’t do it as Clark Kent because he wouldn’t get to wear a cool suit with a cape and he wanted to also live a normal life.

Clarks disguise is based on the superficial and assumptions these being that a super powered being wouldn’t live his life living in an apartment and working as a journalist. Oh, and that a superman wouldn’t need to wear glasses.

Spiderman wasn’t born spiderman. He was born to the name Peter Parker. After being bitten by a radioactive spider he decided that fighting crime was the next logical step. I would have seeked medical attention but maybe that’s just me. At least Peter has the sense to don a snazzy costume and a mask that covers his face keeping his secret identity safe. It allows him to hold down a job as a news photographer and what pictures sell in Marvels New York? Pictures of Spiderman and super heroes. Kerching for Peter.

Logan (AKA James Hewlet) uses the superhero name of Wolverine but it’s never made clear why. Logan doesn’t generally try to hide his idintity as even he doesn’t know who he is himself. Logan just seems to want a superhero name because evryone else has got one and because he thinks Wolverine makes him sound mean. That doesn’t explain the bright blue and yellow outfit though.

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