Upcoming Summer Comic Book Movies

It’s that time of year where movie trailers are whipping comics fans into a frenzy. 2011 looks to be another year where the comic book movie golden age continues. So which heros are coming to the screen this year and are they going to be much cop or a pile of poo? This year we have quite a bumper crop of heroes new to the big screen, sequels and of course the R word. Reboot. It has to be said though. It’s the B-team of superheroes we’re getting this summer. There’s a reason that some of these films weren’t made before. The characters aren’t as popular as the Super or Spider men. That said, Iron Man was a bit of an obscure superhero before the first movie came out.

We’ve all been burned by fantastic looking trailers for crappy movies before so I’m going to give my predictions about how good or bad these movies will be like a movie nostradamus. I’ll update the post after the films are released to see how right or wrong I am.

Captain America

Captain America is the story of a weakling wannabe soldier in the second world war who is turned into a super soldier by some American scientists who have got their hands on a super serum. The Captain is then sent off to fight the Nazis who as we learned from Indiana Jones make the best baddies. The Nazis have a super soldier of their own called Red Skull so expect some major rucks between the Captain and the Skull.

Captain America will at some point end up crashing into the arctic where he will lay frozen until the modern day. When he awakes he’s going to become a part of another Marvel superhero group called the Avengers. Marvels big teams are the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Avengers so they’ll be hoping that Captain America and Thor do as well as the Iron Man movies to drum up interest in the Avengers.

My predictions for the movie are that it will suck, but not in a major way. It’s directed by Joe Johnston who has made such underwhelming films as Jurassic Park 3, Honey I shrunk the Kids and Jumanji.
Update: I liked this as much as I could like a film about Captain America. I’m sorry but he’s just a really dull character. The film was a decent way of wasting some time but I’d rather not see it again.

Here’s the Captain America Trailer:

Green Lantern

Unless you’re a comics afficionado you will probably not have heard of the DC Comics character Green Lantern. The main Green Lantern character is Hal Jordan who finds a crashed spacecraft with a member of the Green Lantern corps inside it. Hal is given a ring by the dying alien which gives him special powers and turns him into a superhero. Hal becomes part of the Green Lantern Corps which includes different alien species of super heros so expect some Earth and space based carnage.

Hal is being played by Ryan Reynolds so Marvel are probably aiming for an Iron Man style smart ass super hero. The film is directed by Martin Campbell who previously directed Goldeneye and Casino Royale.

There will no doubt be the standard origin story moments but the with the Green Lantern Corps planet being included we could see something new and fresh. The Green Lanterns power allows Hal to think of anything he wants which is then manifested by his ring. This could be cool or so stupid its funny. I’m predicting that the film is going to an entertaining superhero film but not something you’d want to see more than once.
Update: It was okay but pretty tough to stay interested in until the end. Lantern fail.
Here’s the Green Lantern Trailer

Transformers 3 – Dark of the Moon

Transformers beating the hell out of each other. That’s exactly what I want to see. I adore the first film and I thought the second film was pretty good despite having some plot holes and not enough bot time. The third film is looking good so far from the trailers. But then trailers have lied to me before. There are some new Autobots and Decepticons. Fan favourites Wheeljack, Laserbeak and Shockwave are going to be in the film as well as Optimus Prime’s Mentor Sentinel Prime. Will it be as good as the first film? Possibly. Michael Bay seems to be going for all out carnage and less humour as a city gets attacked by the Decepticons with some Cybertronian ships in tow. Optimus Prime is seen in the trailer flying around which is a plus point. As long as they don’t cut Optimus from half the movie like last time they can’t lose. This will also be the first chance to see Optimus in 3D. Roll on Summer.

I Predict Transformers – Dark of the Moon will be pretty fantastic. It will no doubt get savaged by the critics but it will probably make a ton of money. Here’s the trailer.


Thor is the Prince of Asgard who just happens to be a god. In his first big screen outing he gets cast out by Anthony Hopkins and forced to live on Earth amongst the mortals. One of these mortals is Natalie Portman so it’s swings and roundabouts. Thor is also one of the aforementioned Avengers from Marvel comics. Expect lots of fish out of water scenes where a god has to get used to human things like credit card debt, giant hammer insurance and getting knocked back by Portman. Thor so far has looked a bit naff with plastic looking costumes and cheap looking sets. It’s directed by Kenneth Branagh so it’ll be interesting to see if he can pull off a big budget comic movie. It should mean that the movie has a bit more gavitas than the usual comic movie fodder. Then again, I though the same thing about X-men, Origins, Wolverine after hearing that Gavin Hood (Tsotsi) was directing it.

I’m not sitting on the fence for this one. I’m predicting that Thor will be a car crash of epic proportions. Here’s the Thor Trailer.

Update: I was way off with this one. It was pretty good.

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